Fania is throwing some killer parties this summer in NYC to celebrate their 50th Anniversary. We’ll be playing July 23rd at Meridian 23 with DJ Turmix. Latin Vibes Galore! Salsa, Boogaloo, Funk, for you and yours on the dance floor.


tropical funk dance party at zuzu in boston cambridge

Our Friday Night party at ZuZu in Cambridge. its fun. Tropical, Disco, Funk, ETC.


We have a new release on Fania Records! This one is just our work. We remixed six classic latin tunes from the Fania Records catalog. In addition to the previous Justo Betancourt and Ray Barretto remixes, this release has three new remixes using the original multi-track sessions that we updated (hopefully tastefully) in our Whiskey Barons style. Each of these songs is perfect as is so we tried to stay true to the original while giving them some modern legs for a wider range of dancefloors. That’s what the Whiskey Barons approach is all about, smuggling rhythms and sounds from all over time and space to unsuspecting dance floors.

First up is: Joe Bataan’s Fuego. Originally released in 1967 by Fania on his Gypsy Woman LP. We love this bouncy piano & trombone driven masterpiece, this one was challenging as it was recorded on four-track tape with tons of bleeding sounds across each. That being said, there was so much amazing musicianship to try and highlight that we had almost endless options for loops and phrases. A serious pleasure to be given access to this one. Check out the track sheet from the session!

Joe Bataan Gypsy Woman LP


When we heard this song by Fuego ’77 (sense a theme? all about that fire!) we both flipped. Definitely one of the most ridiculous Salsa Dura tracks we’d ever heard. We still get tingles every time we hear this one, it’s like three fantastic Salsa songs in one. We only tried to finesse the majesty on this beast and accentuate what was already there with a lot of subtle chops and added percussion. Originally released in 1978 on Alegre Records. The cover art almost makes it looks like the music might be cheese, but it couldn’t be further from it. Blessed to touch this one up.

Fuego '77 Tengo Un Tumbao

The percussion and vocals on this one immediately smacked us in the face. Grooves for days, so much style, and undeniable flavor. Originally released in 1978 on the Flamboyan All-Star Band LP. We dropped the verses, added some synth to the criolla stew, and made sure to extend those heavy grooves.

Frankie Dante & the Flamboyan All-Star Band

Thank you to the Masters who made this music and to Fania for letting us play with it! We hope you enjoy.

whiskey barons at soulelujah boston cambridge funk soul dance party

Excited to play our Cambridge brethren’s long running soul funk dance party. All vinyl. All flavors. All LOVE.


Happy to get to play some Latin HEAT with the one Christian Martir at his party Pa’lante at Apt. 78 in NYC.

whiskey barons at ESL

Looking forward to getting back to DC and playing the whiskey drenched vibes at the Eighteenth Street Lounge

Shadow - Let's Get Together

Cultures of Soul asked us to rework / edit this awesome synthy cosmic disco tune from Trindidad and Tobago’s Shadow. Pre-order here: Cultures of Soul Store

solid with whiskey barons & dusty (jazz & milk)

Excited to have Dusty from jazz & milk recordings come rock with us this friday [10/18] at our home spot zuzu in cambridge, ma.

Check out his fantastic recent release “Mood Matters”


Yes yes! It’s finally here (officially). I know some of y’all have managed to get your hands on it already but today marks the fully official release date of my debut solo – completely sample free legit original record. This was a long time in the making and I wound up working with some amazing talent and came away with a product that I’m pretty proud of now that I’ve been able to step away and see it more objectively.

There’s 11 tracks on here, mostly aimed towards the dance floor. The styles are heavy on the afro latin disco funk vibes with definite dancehall and hiphop influences as well. I truly appreciate all y’all who’ve bought it or plan to buy it and hope you enjoy it. Your friendly neighborhood record store should carry it but the most direct way to get it is from my label Ubiquity or their bandcamp page.

other options


Juno UK


AMOEBA (free shipping on the cd)

Also giving away this latin funk edit to celebrate. yayer!