Baila a Tu Manera


A. Baila a Tu Manera (Whiskey Barons Remix)
B. Baila a Tu Manera (Whiskey Barons Remix Inst.)

A collaboration between the legendary Sammy Ayala (Rafael Cortijo y su Combo, Ismael Rivera), Nickodemus, the Candela Allstars (Puerto Rico) & the Whiskey Barons. Recorded right before the passing of the late, great Sammy – Nickodemus was recording ideas in the studio with the 77 year old Latin music legend after being inspired in Colombia to make a universal song for all dance floors. Sammy instantly gravitated towards the tune and wrote the lyrics before even hitting the studio. Horns and bass were recorded in Puerto Rico with the Candela Allstars (who were notably the players on Nickodemus and Quantic’s “Mi Swing Es Tropical”, which famously ran as an iPod advert on television), and the work in progress was passed on to the Whiskey Barons (who have notably done a series of remixes for Fania and have a brand new album coming out on Ubiquity Records this year), who stretched it out with a steady reggae influenced dancefloor stomper with Sammy’s vocals “Baila la salsa, bail a tu manera” holding down the vibes throughout.