Yambu Reworks


A. Sunny (whiskey barons rework)
B. Hippopotamus (whiskey barons rework)

Out now on Vampisoul

Very limited edition!!! Only 300 produced.

“Subway Salsa” compilation producer Pablo Yglesias and Vampisoul have teamed up with The Whiskey Barons to bring you a limited edition “rework” of this iconic Latin Hustle single, replicating the 1975 original, B-side and all, but with a twist.

History remixed and and re-imagined!

When DJ Bongohead put together the Subway Salsa compilation for Vampisoul, he researched Montuno Records and interviewed Moskowitz. In the course of his investigation he stumbled upon the original test pressing for the 12-inch of “Sunny” (which Moskowitz had preserved all these years), and became intrigued with the thought of recreating the historic single as a separate but related item to be released after the compilation came out. Realizing that Montuno had never made an extended disco mix, Yglesias decided instead to produce a new 12-inch remix of the track to bring something fresh to the table in the spirit of the “Moulton Mix”. The one drawback was that the original multi-tracks could not be located, so any radical remixing was out of the question.

With that in mind he contacted the Whiskey Barons (consisting of Bosq and The Bogart), the Boston-based production and DJ duo of international renown. Because the cornerstone of their approach is to tastefully integrate classic funky sounds from around the world into modern sounding productions (remixes and “reworks”), geared towards today’s dance floors, Bongohead knew the Whiskey Barons would have just the right feel and sensitivity needed to respect the original but update it for today’s clubbers, making it stronger, more dynamic. And he knew they could do it with just the normal mix-down version. The fact that the end result was a pair of reworked tracks that could have fit in with any disco hit of 1975 as easily with today’s scene is proof that the concept worked, and a tribute to the Montuno Records legacy.